231119 The best BRITISH BANKING. How did banks take over control of the UK. Did we learn nothing from the past so that we have to walk into crisis after crisis, all of which has happened before?
310819 the Not So United Kingdom. prorogation, resignation, we all seemed to get along so well, now it is all going wrong again, Find out WHY?
100819 Cave men vs. Underground People, what’s the diff? Are there still people living underground, and what about Mount Shasta and Antarctica?
030819 TAXES. Why do we pay them, and what do we get in return? Why do we have to pay tax on money we have already paid tax on? Who benefits, us or them?
280719 Climate, but why? Why do we have different climates around the world? Is it changing, and can we change the weather? (Starts with discussion on Boris Johnson appointment to new Prime minster)
290619 NHS vs. Herbs, Minor Ailments Scheme, and Privatisation. Are we going to give the NHS away to the USA?
220619 UK vs US. What we do and don’t like about Americans, and what they do and don’t like about us. The problems with a US UK trade deal, why take what we gained back from the EU and give it to the US?
010619 THEATRE. How does this relate to the English Civil War. When did women appear on stage, and who lost an ear because of it. Punch and Judy, violence, and the wild world of Pantomime.
180519 DRONES and AI. How did drones become so useful? Mistaken killings, can a drone be INTELLIGENT. What really happened at GATWICK airport? What about NANO DRONES.
110519 DEMOCRACY, we’ve heard a lot about it, but is it REAL? Has anything really changed since the Magna Carta, and where exactly is our CONSTITUTION? Find out all this and more.
130419 BRITISH MILITARY and MORE. Why are we where we are, why do we need to keep increasing it, does the nuclear deterrent even work? Is the Special Forces group the Increment real, what are we fighting for?
100319 BRITISH BUSINESS, the British Empire is dead, long live Great Britain! What happened to our great manufacturers, and whether in or out of the EU, how can BRITS change to succeed in the future?
231218 COMMONWEALTH, connects history to the brainwashing that creates the issues with democracy vs. the deep state. Is the British Commonwealth just another grab for the rich and powerful?
220918 UK SURVEILLANCE. Why is the UK the most surveilled country in the world? Are we OK with the loss of privacy that is justifed by vague concepts of security and safety according to the government? Who is watching you and why?
250818 Immigration, but not human! INVASIVE CREAURES that are changing our British countryside and way of life.
040818 UK LOCAL CLIMATE WARMING. Is it really happening, and can we already see the effects? What can we do about it, and what changes do we need to make to secure our future, what car should I drive?