261019 HERBS. Herbs are really good for us, why aren’t we using them? How the Peruvians use the healing power of the rain forest.
191019 GENE Testing and Manipulation. Do you really want the Government to have all your DNA info, and what about the US creating Super Soldiers?
280919 The MIND, where is it and why do we get anxious. Could medicine and therapy help, what about other drugs? Are the mind and brain seperate things?
140919 SPIDERS. Is the False Widow Spider out to kill everyone in the UK? Why are spiders like they are, creepy, crawly, or just efficient killers?
170819 OIL, when will it run out, and what are we doing about it. Who has the most, who is using the most, and does this have anything to do with war?
270419 ICHY SCRATCHY. Allergies, Chem Trails, Morgellons Parasites. Why do we itch more than ever before, could there be some dark secret behind it, is it getting worse? Pesticides, pollution, is that the problem?
130319 MARTIAL ARTS – Why did we need them, Marquis of Queensbury, Mixed Marial Arts, what and why so popular, UK martial arts. Morris Dancing and Sherlock Holmes. No touch Arts, the infamous Dim Mak, Touch of Death.
170219 SWEETS, yes, sweeties, candy, suckers, chocolate, even gibbers? Some stories and history, the Cadbury’s controversy, USA take over, and what about those Flake adverts?
030219 FUNGI. A conspiracy rant, followed by mushrooms and toadstools what’s the diff? How do they plague and torment us? Which ones are just magic, and mush mush more!
270119 DOGS, why do we love them so much and what do they think about us? Why do we have robot dogs, virtual dogs, talking dogs and more.
130119 INSECTS, sometimes pesky, but essential to life on this planet. What would happen if the decline in their numbers continues, could we lose all the bees, and what then?
201018 BEER. What came first, bread or beer. How is beer made? How many UK brewers have resisted the trend to be bought out by the beeropoly?
090718 USA LIVING. An eclectic journey through my arrival in the USA and my move to Phoenix Arizona and life there. A good feel for the impact of American customs on a simple Brit, that would be me.