161119 ZOMBIES and the UNDEAD. Did you know that the CDC, the USA government have a plan in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?
080619 EUGENICS – Some people have the idea that it is possible to improve humans by allowing only some people to produce children, but they decide!
204019 CANNIBALISM. Listen if you dare, this is not for everyone. Some grim examples and questions, what would it take for you to eat another human? Even cannibals in Fairy Tales.
021218 I picked up a rock, and what did I find? WAR CRIMES, but not theirs, ours! Some darkness, and hopefully a bright message for the future.
300618 NEAR EARTH OBJECTS an CANNABIS vs OPIUM. Why have we got 15,000 ICBMs dedicated to killing and destruction, and not one missile or rocket dedicated to deflecting a meteor or comet that could destroy all life on Earth? Also why was it OK to sell opium to the Chinese, and why do UK farmers grow Cannabis, and yet it is illegal for the common people to possess?
230618 OVERPOPULATION, LIFE on MARS, ALIEN OCTOPUS. Is our population growth a problem and how do we solve it, how does the Elite think it should be solved? Is there life on Mars? Did the Octopi originate from outer space?