070919 Paranormal and Cosmic Update. Bringing you up to date with all that is wierd and wonderful, both science and metaphysics.
030319 POSITIVE THINKING, Keep calm and Carry on. Did I choose to be where I am now? Which way should I go? Becoming more positive, and achieving change. Options for change. Positive manifestation and the Metaphysical..
100219 HOLISM Alternative Healing, medicine, modalities, mindfulness and more. Is it on the NHS? Is it pseudoscience, and what is that? A whole world from ancient times is available, why do we not embrace it?
301218 CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS with an ALIEN perspective. We have lots of odd ational ideosynchracies, what could be the Alien versions. Tongue in cheek but thoughtful prespective.
251118 UFOs and ALIENs, are they real, are they here? Is there any proof, or is this just wack-job speculation? Could the deep state be hiding something from us?
181118 DR HEATHER YATES. Another discussion about global energy, near death experiences, the other side, hypnosis and much, much more.
031118 An interview with Renalta, a Rushden based psychic, clairvoyent and spiritual development expert. Card reading, tea leaves, Life Path Guidance and more.
061018 DR HEATHER YATES first discussion on all matters paranormal. Holistic healing and the other side. Life after death.
010918 LEMURIA and ATLANTIS takes us around the world. Who are they, and where is it? Is it really the basis of our civilization, and does it involve Aliens.
180818 CRYPTOZOOLOGY, what is it and what exactly is a Cryptid. There have been numerous sightings, but are they real. We have many in the UK too.
260718 DREAMS, not what you woul like, but the prupose and function of dreams. Do they prodict the future, or even replay a form of therapy.
070718 GHOSTS, are they real, have you seen one, because I have. All the details and many encounters in the UK. What are they and how do they fit inot the big picture of human existance?
190518 UK CRYPTIDS and the WOLD NEWTON TRIANGLE. A focus on UK cryptids, and it’s great to know that we, the UK, have our own triangle of paranormal activity. The Wold Newton Triangle is packed with rarely discussed experiences and sites.