Andy was raised in Stratford on Avon, England.  He joined the Royal Air Force in 1975 for 21 years, as an engineer, teacher, and IT administrator.

In 1982, the death of his 3 day old daughter, Cassandra, started an internal process of review, and self-evaluation and he began to question everything, especially his beliefs.

In 1991, Andy re-married.  Maxine was born, although a beautiful and happy child, she developed a brain tumor and after an 18 months fight, she died at 2 ½ years old. Andy and his partner began a life quest for understanding.

He left the RAF in 1996 and moved to the USA and spent 14 years in corporate IT. During this time, his quest for knowledge gradually focused on the healing arts.  He developed a passion for Hypnotherapy, which led to a doctoral degree in 2005.

In 2004, his stepdaughter Tanya was murdered, a tragedy made more traumatic by incompetent police work and cover-up.

An amateur musician, he found great joy in playing didgeridoo, flute and hand drums in Trefoil, with his partner the dancer, and his best friend Caroline.  In a freak accident, Caroline died in 2005.

Andy completed LMT training in 2006 and with his partner developed the fully holistic healing art, BioIntegration.  He has studied Cranio Sacral Unwinding, NLP and Reiki amongst others. He has traveled to many places including Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and China.

Andy left the corporate world in 2010, and concentrated on acting, presenting, the healing arts, and writing.  His 2011 book C’ing Is Believing is the foundation of his work to understand how beliefs are formed and changed.

In 2017, Andy and his partner left the USA to live in Higham Ferrers, NN10. Now retired, he focuses on his website and his radio show on Beat Route Radio.