091119 ASTROLOGY. Horoscopes, how can they work, because many people believe they do? Do we go crazy when it is a FULL MOON?
021119 DINOSAURS and DRAGONS. How mammal’s evolution set back 180M years by Dinosaurs, and could Dragons have really existed?
210919 Knights Templar and the Masons. An update to my show a year ago following our recent trip to Rosslyn Chapel and the Templar countryside.
060719 PLANET X, NIBURU. Astronomers are looking for Planet X, so could the story of the Annunaki messing with Human genes be true. Are they the Nephilim?
150619 Clothing and Fashion. From ancient clothing for warmth to the crazy advent of fashions through the ages. What is a COD PIECE, or a PEASCOD. Why do women wear bras?
040519 ANCIENT PEOPLES. What does it mean that the theories of how the Americas became peopled is now in doubt? Does it matter how old the Sphinx is? Was there an ancient advanced civilisation?
060419 HUMANS and ANIMALS. From the Ice Age to the human migration from Africa, to cave paintings, and the human adoration of our animal gods and friends.
160319 TIME. Big bang to big rip, human clocks, black holes, 4D, Movies, Time Travel, Past lives, The End of Time.
200119 WATER – Does it have a memory, can you fuel a car with it, do we have enough for our growing population? And more.
161218 COSMOS. From the Big Bang through the creation of everything, to the birth and death of the Earth, and the Big Rip vs. the Big Crunch, the end of the universe.
091218 OCEANS and SEAS. Fascinating facts, how did we get the water in the first place, and what are we doing with it? What about the fish and the other critters?
150918 The KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, and the search for the HOLY GRAIL. With a focus on Rosslyn Chapel, and the mysterious Royston Cave, right under the High St.
200718 MOON LANDING and DARK STUFF. Did the USA acually land on the moon, what evidence is there on both sides? Dark energy and dark matter, how do we know what they are is they are dark?
200518 ENERGY is the fundamental basis of all things and with recent revelations from Quantum Physics we now know that the whole universe is simply made of energy. What does this mean for us and our future?