131019 ANGELS, NEPHILIM and GIANTS. What does the Bible say about it, can it be seen elsewhere, and did or do GIANTS really exist? Is it being covered up?
051019 911, the Twin Towers, WTC7, Pentagon, Flt 93, after all this time, do we know what happened? Do we believe the official line, and if not, why not?
200719 Are we being CONTROLLED? Fate and destiny, MK Ultra, UK MI6 and LSD. The UKs Tavistock Insitute, social media and the Internet of Things.
180519 DRONES and AI, How did drones become so useful? Mistaken killings, can a drone be INTELLIGENT. What really happened at GATWICK airport? What about NANO DRONES
230319 TOXIC TERMS and WEAPONISED WORDS. Persuasion vs. coercion, Fallacies, Bias, Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Government Pressure, Democracy, Sovereignty, and Psychology.
240219 DRUGS. Which ones are legal, which are illegal and why? What is the conspiracy around cannabis and could our government be behind it? What’s the DEAL?
060119 MONEY, how it started, and where it goes. Britain’s place in the financial world, and a little bit (I promise) on BREXIT.
201018 Megalithic Structures. Who built them, why and how, and of course the conspiracies surrounding them.
131018 CONSPIRACY THEORY, this is what it is all about. How do they form, and are they nonsense or the revelation of hidden agendas. Examples of TRUE theories.
140718 New World Order, does it exist, what is it, who runs it, and WHY! Is the NWO the ultimate goal for the deep state or even the Illuminati, just theory or hard fact?
110618 GLOBAL WARMING and CHEM TRAILS. Many facts point to the increase in Global temperature, and there are many evident effects, is it true? If it is, could the government be carrying out a secret plan to seed the atmosphere with particles (Chem trails) to resist the effects so that Big Pharma / Agra / Media and the Military Industrial complex could continue their growth?